Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can you ask for therapy discounts?

Touchy subject, right? Except that it's a perfectly reasonable question because so many of us who need a helping hand, can't afford to pay for it.  If that's you, this is what you need to know.

In short, many therapists set aside a little of their time to help out people who can't afford them but who need help. However, it's highly unlikely you get free treatment.

There is sometimes an expectation that the helping professions shouldn't charge for their work. Well, here's a heads-up: it costs a fortune and it takes years to train as a therapist. 

As many of us start off in debt, we can't work for nothing.  Just like nurses, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, architects, and house painters, we have rent to pay and families to keep too. 

But with the caring being central to our business, most of us will give you a break if we can.

How much discount you are offered, depends very much on the individual therapist. The more formal organisations have a published sliding scale where you have to show paperwork like payslips to prove you're eligible.  Others ask you to negotiate on a case by case basis.

What's my policy? I spent 7 years training, and I don't work for free.  However, I'm open to discussion on discounts if you are a single mum, live in a place where you can't get other help, or have other reasonable grounds. How much discount I can offer, depends on my client volume. The more clients I have who contribute towards my rent, the more I can afford to help out.

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